Riziki Messa

Founder & CEO (Managing Director)

Riziki is the Managing Director and Founder of the Company. He is an Associate Certified Public Accountant in Public Practice (ACPA - PP), a registered member of the Tanzanian National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) with over 15 years of professional accounting, auditing, and consulting experience. He also holds a B. Com degree majoring in Finance from University of Dar-es-Salaam. His working experience includes travelling to all parts of Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. He also has working experience in other 6 African countries. He has performed audits and financial management consulting assignments in 7 African countries, namely: Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Mozambique, Cameroon, Madagascar, and Central African Republic. He grew up in a farming family where he developed great passion with agriculture. With great passion in agriculture industry, Riziki has been using his traveling to different parts of the world to learn and explore more on the potentials in the agriculture sector.

He started commercial farming in 2010 with acquisition of a 6 acres’ farm land in Hasamba village, 3.5 acres having coffee. He then introduced avocado farming as a second crop in in 2011 in a 3.5 acres’ piece of land. He registered Jagrin Agriculture Company Limited in June 2013. By June 2017, the Company had total 70 acres of farm land under cultivation in Hasamba ward, Mbozi District, and 100 acres uncultivated land in Kisarawe District. Hasamba farm land is with the following projects: avocados, bananas, coffee, macadamia nuts, timber trees, vegetables, and coffee & timber tree nurseries. Bee keeping, done on the ‘’Iwalanje’’ government natural reserve forest, is also part of Jagrin’s projects.

His big vision is to see and practice proper commercial farming to unleash the big potential of agriculture as one of the strongest economic activities in Africa, with ability of transforming African economy, creating abundant employment opportunities for improvement of communities’ livelihoods and at the same time providing quality foods and promoting environmental conservation.