Core Values


We want to excel in everything we do, offering the best, in terms of products and services to customers and stakeholders.


Team work

We always work as a team to accomplish a common goal. We strive to form a very effective winning Jagrin team.



We encourage:

✓   New ideas for creation of new methods & techniques to improve and simplify our activity processes

✓   New ideas for improvement and simplification of work practices

✓   Being original and creative in thinking

✓   Application of innovation to further satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.


Global oriented

✓   We think global, and act to be global players.

✓   When talking of agriculture, we mean transforming African agriculture to be globally competitive.


Technology (tech-savvy)

✓   We aspire to be constantly applying advanced technology on mechanized farming and produce value additions;

✓   We are ‘’tech-savvy’’ on the application of technology on management and operations of our business.



✓   We are determined the company to be a market leader in everything we do

✓   We ensure that we always inspire and motivate customers and staff


Environment at heart

We understand that agriculture can only be possible on quality farm lands and forests, with required adequate level of rainfall and waters from rivers and springs. We are therefore determined to ensure that:


✓   Our farming and other agricultural activities are aimed at producing more food and increasing communities’

incomes and well-being, while preserving the land for future generations; and


✓   We have farming projects that directly deal with environmental conservation. Our projects in this category include: tree planting in the established tree forest farms, commercial tree nursery, and bee keeping.