Company Goals

  1. Build the farms and increase area under cultivation of up to over 200 acres under cultivation by the year 2022;
  2. To be consistently and sustainably reliable suppliers of quality vegetables and bananas throughout the year;
  3. Establish greenhouse farming in the year 2017, and have at least 5 large size (net house) greenhouses by 31 December 2017;
  4. Expansion of avocado farms under cultivation from 4 acres to 68 acres by 31 December 2018. Also, modernize the existing 4 acres’ avocado farm by installation of drip irrigation system by 31 December 2017.
  5. Establish Poultry and dairy farming in the year 2017 as a move to diversify our portfolio from crop farming to poultry and dairy cattle with the purpose of cutting down the cost of production spent on manure fertilizers;
  6. To expand our existing tree seedlings production by establishing a bigger and better nursery by the use of shed nets to be able to produce at least 300,000 quality tree seedlings per annum;
  7. Build modern company headquarters’ office building at the Hazelu Farm Estates;
  8. Establish state of the art beekeeping farm which will be installed with the Langstroth, which will lead us to harvest 4 bee products namely, honey, wax, bee pollen, and bee propolis;
  9. Purchase a medium size lorry for transportation of agricultural produce;
  10. Purchase all necessary equipment to operate the farms;
  11. Reach profit level that will allow the Company to expand to other parts of Tanzania and consistently create sustainable full-time and temporary employment to Tanzanians.


Long term goals:

  1. To expand the agricultural activities to other parts of Tanzania and increase land under cultivation to over 500 acres, producing quality agricultural products for local and international markets.
  2. To establish value addition processes of the agricultural produce.