We currently have 4 acres of intensive high value open field vegetable irrigation farming established in May 2016 at our Hazelu farms. Vegetables grown include: Tomatoes, Hot chili pepper (Pili pili mbuzi), Capsicum (Pilipili hoho), Eggplants (Ngogwe), African spinach (mnavu). We have a reliable dam’s water source to support full year irrigation. Seedlings nurseries for pepper, tomatoes, capsicum, prepared throughout the year for transplanting in every month to ensure constant supply of vegetables from our farms throughout the year.

Problem addressed by our company:

There has been consistent fluctuation of market trends on production of vegetables in Mbozi and Songwe region in general, because of lack of big investments on commercial irrigation farming.  Specifically, there has been on and off seasons for vegetables, leading to low supply and very high prices during the off seasons and vice versa.

At Jagrin, we have observed that niche, and we are determined to be consistent suppliers of quality vegetables throughout the year with the support of irrigation farming. operating since August 2016.

Furthermore, introduction of vegetable irrigation farming in our diversified portfolio mix has added an investment which guarantees constant cash flows to the Company, on a weekly and monthly basis throughout the year.


Achievements by July 2017:

There has been good progress on implementation of the vegetable farming since its introduction in May 2016. We have registered good start up sales from tomatoes, capsicum, hot chili pepper and eggplants from September 2016 to mid-July 2017, realizing a cumulative revenue of TZS 6.3 million (USD 2,800). Our approach is to continue planting more of the vegetable plants in each month to achieve our goal of being constant and sustainable suppliers of vegetables in the market.


Expansion Plans:

To establish greenhouse farming in the year 2017, and have at least 5 large size (net house) greenhouses with the size of 24m x 28m; by 31 December 2017. Greenhouses significantly increases the productivity of the land per square meter and facilitates sustainable production all year-round. Also, greenhouses allow better monitoring and control of weather conditions and pests which significantly affect crop production in open farmlands.


Expected yield (per Balton Tanzania statistics):

  • 9 to 11 tons per greenhouse per season;
  • 45 to 55 tons for the 5 greenhouses per season


Target market:

  • Local market (Mbozi, Tunduma, Mbeya, Dar es salaam, and other potential places/towns/cities);
  • Export market. We will work with Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) and other networks for securing export orders.
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